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Looking Back: Top Moments from the 2023 Golf Season

Updated: Feb 15

As the 2024 golf season gains momentum and the extremely anticipated Waste Management Open takes center stage this weekend, Bantee has carefully shaped their top moments, recording the most memorable golf moments from the preceding year, 2023. In this compilation, Bantee dives into the highlights and triumphs that have left an incredible mark on the world of golf, showcasing the skill and passion that surrounded the previous season. From Tiger Woods' return, to the Ryder Cup, Bantee has packed this list of noteworthy events that any reader will enjoy.

No. 1

Starting off strong with the famous Ryder Cup, with USA in the lead for the majority and the nail-biter Sunday round, Europe took the Cup home this year. As one of the most looked forward to tournaments of the year, the 2023 Ryder Cup did a lot more than just please the people. Between the LIV and PGA conflict, not just on the course but off as well, there is no doubt that everyone was on the edge of their seats.

No. 2

The return of Tiger had everyone jumping in the air with excitement. February was a big month for golf fans when Tiger Woods announced he would be hitting the course for the Genesis Invitational. With 3 tournaments total, including the PNC Championship with his son Charlie, we can only hope he will be making surprise appearances in 2024 tournaments.

No. 3

The triumphant PGA Championship win from underdog Michael Block, who is a 46-year-old club professional in California, was a win a lot of people were not expecting. Block has become a golfer many people look out for on the leaderboard ever since his win in May 2023.

No. 4

Jon Rahm took home the Masters Jacket this past April on Easter Sunday which had many fans surprised, after Brooks Koepka entered Sunday with a four-stroke lead. Seen as an extreme battle between the PGA Tour and LIV, Rahm took to win for the PGA, the 2023 Masters tournament was one to remember. However, he ended his season with LIV, which turned a lot of heads with that news coming out. 

No. 5

Rickie Fowler swept the crowd off their feet at the Rocket Mortgage Classic, gaining his first win in four years. Taking the win home through a playoff match and ending the winless drought that has been occurring since 2019. Proceeding the tournament, Fowler gained a great deal of momentum underneath him for the rest of the season. 

No. 6

The PNC Championship is one of the most looked-forward tournaments every season. It is a chance for Professional golfers and their families to have some fun out on the golf course. Some of the families included are the Thomas’s, Woods’s, Daly’s, Kuchar’s and many more that set the stage for a fun-packed weekend.

No. 7

Brooks Koepka’s rollercoaster ride of the past couple seasons led him to execute, and not execute, in many tournaments for 2023. It is hard to tell how well he actually is playing, besides during the majors, where 72 holes seems to be too much. However, his momentum is back and is coming out with power and confidence for the 2024 season. 

No. 8

The Rollback Rule… that is all that needs to be said.


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